Pension Aduar Marbella

Old Town Marbella


Marbella it is not only Puerto Banus, jet-ser and a parade of expensive cars and sheiks. Marbella surprises of being a village with such an impeccable old town and flavored with Arabic culture. A place where you feel immediately welcomed, as in Plaza de los Naranjos, a quiet place with terraces to have some drinks and where you can take the daily pulse of life.    

The Plaza de los Naranjos is situated in the center of the old town of Marbella, just about 100 meters from Hostel Aduar Marbella, surrounded by orange trees and a continuous flow of visitors, it is a joy to walk through it in spring, the smell of the orange blossom and night blooming flowers it is indescribable, as a view of their houses in Arab reminiscence.

This square was built in 1485, following taking of Marbella by King Fernando el Católico. It is built in imitation of the Castilian squares but without arcades and it is surrounded by the typical white houses and a renaissance fountain.

Currently it is the Town Hall there, the Tourist Office and a myriad of restaurants where you can enjoy the typical cuisine of the area and which are making the square always lively. In the center we can find a bust of the King Juan Carlos I surrounded by flowers and a side a beautiful Renaissance fountain of the XV century, the City Hall of the XVI century next to the Corregidor’s house, dating from the XVII century and the old Ermita de Santiago.

This square certainly deserves two visits, one in the nighttime to enjoy the scents of flowers and another day to enjoy its immense beauty, so it becomes a must on your tour of the old town.

Definitely, this is the environment to enjoy from Hostal Aduar