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Visit Ronda

Ronda,  situated  just 60 KM from Marbella, between three natural parks of Grazalema, Sierra de las Nieves and Alcornocales,  is able to awaken all the senses of those who visit.

There are cities located between reality and legend and Ronda is one of them. Ronda belongs to a number of cities only comparable with themselves, unable to be similar to others, something that the visitor can see deep in the old town watching stunning architecture and landscape, steeped in history and legend that make the boundary between reality and fantasy in this unique town.

A town full of bandits and distinguished travelers who were fascinated by this village.  A village that was founded by the Romans, although the  Greeks and Phoenicians were there already earlier, and of course the Arabs who were in love with the virtues and beauty of Arunda (as it was known at that times) during a period when the city grew and became a gem. You can still appreciate nowadays its layout and monuments strolling through the historic center.

Ronda is requested on any itinerary of Andalusia, is in the selected group of city monuments such as Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba. During the day you can observe how the buses arrive and visitors  come over the city and explore every corner of the city and in the evening how it becomes a very quiet place.

One of the most famous snapshots is the impressive Tajo de Ronda (ravine of Ronda), which is traversed vertically by the Guadalevin river and horizontally by the monumental “Puente Nuevo” (new bridge) ,  of which we have a stunning view from its top place, with its hanging houses at the other end and the overwhelming ravine. The ravine divides Ronda in two parts; the first is the primitive and Moorish Ronda and the second is the Ronda that was growing from the Christian reconquest on.